My new year doesn’t consist of resolutions or goals but keeping the standard and creating new standards for my new way of life!!

From Feb. 2014 until June of this year I was in prison. I have made leaps and bounds to where I am today, nothing can stop or hold me back but me. When something gets in the way, I just side step that ass. And keep my head up, shoulders square, and proceed in my winning mode. I don’t have a goal line, I┬ádon’t have a basket at the other end, but what I do have is LIFE, life that is beautiful and never ending until I pass. Life didn’t end with alcohol but it did reset that life style to my current life mode.

A New Life with new standards. To live, to laugh, and to love uncontrollably. New standards to be the best daddy ever!! New standards to be the best man I can give “her” whoever that may be. I won’t always have the answers, I won’t always be the best daddy, I won’t always be the best man, I won’t always be the best son or brother. But as long as I have it in my heart that it isn’t a failure but of human nature to not be perfect, that in itself will allow me to be humble and be the best me for you, the best me for my daughter, the best me for my family!!

This is the standard for myself and it didn’t or doesn’t start with a new year, it started when I gained Faith and Grace from and for the Big Man above, the process started March 18th of 2013 when I went to Valley Hope. I found myself and I found God. It wasn’t right away matter of fact it took almost the whole 30 days of in-treatment. The last week I wrote a letter to my ex-wife and daughter that she would be taken care of while I was away. These letters were to be wrote on a piece of paper and put in the “God Box”. To be spiritually burnt and prayed over. That day when I visited the chapel to drop my note off, I was by myself and when I put the letter in the box I began to pray, as I prayed I cried, as I cried I asked God for guidance and acceptance. Let me tell you he heard my words and today I have his grace. More faith than I have ever had. I made it through my darkest hours and He never left my side. I still am not perfect but I am perfect in HIS eyes.

This is to everyone that when the end is in sight take a new route, push the reset button and start the game of LIFE over for your circumstances. He will always stand by your when no one else will. Stop reaching for false hopes and false promises, in relationships romantic or platonic. You have what it takes, you have the gas, you have the motor, just let him drive and take the wheel. I promise you, you will experience life like never before. Make new Standards tonight! Not resolutions, not goals, but standards, a new ones for daily living. Don’t set an ending to what you want to achieve or we sometimes come complacent and turn back to what we were doing once we reach a goal because that is an ending… Be the STANDARD, Set the STANDARD. Love and Respect – Joseph