Dear Friends,
It has been a long road and I appreciate everything that you done, from the support that was given, to the soft subtle prayers to everything in between even the late night parties to the late night talks it all meant something. Whether I have known you on facebook for less than 5 minutes or for the last many decades. If I was graced with an argument on someone’s post or my best buddy from down the street. Each in every one of you have shaped my character, each and everyone I feel blessed to know your presence. No matter if we talked in the last couple minutes or many ages ago. I feel to give a good affirmation to each and every one of you because I know how important affirmations are of myself or from others.
Each and every person who will read this has impacted me in their own way, either by a simple post or a long personal conversation. Every single good action may seem to go unnoticed or feel underappreciated but believe me they are all stored in my rolodex. I have never been so much to reply as to just consume the thoughts but I am changing that to the better. I am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. I know there are some that will cringe at this but I feel God has put you in my life for the blessings that are given and received on a daily basis. It could be a simple laugh or a small eye roll either way it shapes me.HA! You encourage me when I think no one could care less. The world once looked so dark to me and you allowed me to see humanity at its finest. I’ve become a better person because of the beauty I see in you as a person, which is why I give back when I can.
I hope when you guys read this you are already in a good place. I know your heart is there all the time. Each and everyone I have met has helped me and this is my letter to you. Be kind to one another you deserve that as much as the other person. Never give up because we are all destined for greatness. Every time someone gives you good advice, an awesome affirmation, or quirky quote write it down and on the bad days you have something to reflect. But don’t just leave it for the bad days look at them on the good also. My cell was filled with them, one thing that helped me get by! Never think you don’t have a friend, never think that you are alone in a struggle. Each and every one is deserving of love and friendship.
This is more about me than you though. It’s about living life and living free. It’s about being comfortable where I am at. I don’t want anyone to ever feel uncomfortable where they are in my presence. Because you don’t bother me at all. Feel free to live your life how you want because I am most comfortable with that. I know most do but this is just your reassurance as well as mine that we are all on the right track. I have no temptations when I am around you as you make me feel comfortable in my own skin. You guys rock inside and out 24 hours a day. I will see you close ones next Saturday to see McGregor win another!!

My words of affirmation and of gratitude are not enough for all my friends. But I hope that you can smile a little more when you read this.

One last thing I have to say for the ones who fell off or that I had to exclude from my life for the time, I’m sorry your missing this because it gets better every day!!