Falling Down isn’t just one of my favorite movie titles. At times we find ourselves falling down. Now I am not saying we act the same way Michael Douglas does in this movie. But some at times feel like William Foster(Michael Douglas character) does. Where we feel we cannot take it anymore. In the movie it covers just about every irritating thing we come across especially on social media now days.

I have many falling down moments, from the gruesome heat and the a/c not working to divorce and losing a job. In these moments we feel down can’t handle anymore, to taking it out on the fly that is bothering me or the loss of love and sympathy to the ones around me. And just like Foster thought in the movie he was acting like the good guy but in reality he was the bad guy or at least one cannot take drastic actions into their own hands. But with that said I felt sympathy for him because of the on going crap that can be loaded onto one person.

Now I wouldn’t walk into the store and be upset to pay .85 cents for a coke, I just wouldn’t buy it. But a lot of the situations in that movie are a real to many people. Whether it is cussing about the Korean store owner or the despicable NAZI in his surplus store. We all have a falling down moment in life, it could be silently, emotionally, and unfortunately physically in many forms.

In my divorce, loss of job, and my daughter being taken from me. I surely had my falling down moment, it wasn’t being a vigilante against the city workers, the local burger joint, or the local gangs like Foster. Mine was alcohol, mine was I’ll show them, mine was I’ll go drink to get by. What was found out though, was it only hurt more than taught a lesson. And when it caught up to me, I found myself in prison for DUI after DUI.

Unlike William Foster I never hurt anyone physically, selfishly by that I mean with my car driving physically. But I did hurt many monetarily myself and family. But even more and in my mind more than hurting someone with my car, I hurt myself emotional but beyond that hurt my ex wife and our beautiful daughter emotionally. Now we already was in divorce mode before the first DUI but I did nothing to help save us. And like Foster I thought I was doing everything right by cursing and showing my ass. ¬†And like him at the end before the police shoot him I asked “I’m the bad guy in all this?”

I know we both had our parts and I acted and over reacted in the process. But I don’t throw shade on the other parties and I am accountable for my own stupidity. That is why I wrote this, at the end of the day we actually should be accountable for our own actions not the other shit heads in the world. Now I am not saying I am going to quit bitchin’ because I am good at that. I am just saying when I screw up it is on me. And if you screw up then I am going to bitch about it. HAHA!

When you feel you are falling down. Reach out and don’t fall on your face(BetsyB). By Reach out I mean get help, find someone you trust that won’t fuel your fire but help put the flames out. Friends and Family can be a good resource, but if a family or friend takes your side in a bad situation, saying F the other side or situation. Then you might want to find another source they are enabling the emotion.

If you are falling down and addiction is replacing the hurts to get by then find a good rehabilitation center. It will change your walk of life if you really want it. I went to Valley Hope but where ever you choose it will fit fine. Have an open mind and open heart. There are many who suffer the same and you would be amazed on how your story aligns with theirs.

Until Later – Peace So Long Fair Well