Today I wrote this on my board I put up to plan my week as I begin my body for life challenge. It just came to me, “BE SOMETHING THEY HAVEN’T LABELED YOU”. Many times we go through life wearing labels people put on us. Asshole, bitch, worthless, deadbeat, thug, lazy, whore, and of course alcoholic. A lot of time we respond with “I’ll show them (insert label)!” We become what they tell us we are and fail to realize we are something much better.

I just had a feeling of I am tired of the labels.  This wasn’t really triggered by a personal event but just how society is and what has been in the news lately in the political department.  Not that I haven’t heard me being labeled, but I know my journey and I know what I lived up to when called a certain label and how I acted out on it many times over again.  There has been some serious change but it has been really good.  My friends understand and getting the family too is the most difficult to do.  They still think or think they know the old walk over me and he will give in attitude and they are just waiting for it to happen.  Not that it isn’t justified but a little unfair to expect for me to fall off or feel I will give up on what should be right this time.  Has this ever been said? No, but actions and attitude are what I really feel.  But this is the new world order in my life.  Where I am emotionally and physically aligned with an end result in mind.

I just ask not only for me but the others the may be labeled or be a labeler.  Just love and respect my person, I personally have a long rap sheet that tells nothing of me as the person.  But as a person who needed, wanted, and got the help he needed.  My own timeout to figure it out.  I suggest for any person going through hell, that can be in any aspect of life, jobs, relationships, drugs, alcohol, money, gambling, the list goes on for what we are labeled for in life, and in every sector we struggle with, there is help.  Mine was alcohol, relationships, anger, depression… I went to rehab which was my only help, but just like I had to want it, so do you for it to be a success.   make a stand against my labelers, when I leave and see this sentence, I want to go out being my own labels, great, successful, an awesome

So today I make a stand against my labelers, when I leave and see this sentence, I want to go out being my own labels, great, successful, an awesome dad and my daughter might label me that last one, which actually means the most. But I’ve never heard the other labels until today, the day I become my own label maker here on Earth.


PS… Also in the picture you see a poster of the missing puzzle piece which says love, bottom right corner John 15:12 says My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

We may not have to die for someone as Jesus did, but there are other ways to practice sacrificial love; listening, helping, encouraging, giving. Think of someone in particular who needs this kind of love today. Give all the love you can, and then try to give a little more.