I can’t explain the feeling of going from survival mode to a thriving mode.  For so long I have been in survival mode that I never would allow my self to thrive in that current state. It was always what can I do just to get by.  To throw a smoke screen to myself and everyone around me.

I would survive my drinking escapades with many excuses the next day and try to get by paying for my next beer.  I could easily survive that, couple hours of work to get by on gas and paying a tab was nothing.  But it was very miserable to look back on, I was surviving by lying to myself and trying to make excuses for my actions.  Hey, they worked most of the time.

Then I transitioned to the drunkard excuses to really having to survive an onslaught of legal actions.  See I never knew how to quit, I never knew how to respect myself or authority, I never KNEW how to LIVE LIFE but only how to survive it.  I was thrown in jail at least a dozen times.  DUI, Public Intox were the normal charges.  Until one day the felonies from DUI’s added up and they had enough of my SHIT!!

So they sentenced me to 4 years in the Oklahoma Prison System.  I could probably write a book about how that system works.  But I think the statistics will show you the right answer.  So here I was in the worst, most deep, thought of survival most men can reach, living in hell.  That is excluding honorable things like being a soldier or in some type of law enforcement, the good guys.  I had to learn a different and very weird way to survive.  And with that experience, I  learned bad habits, not like you see on t.v. bad habits, which are available too.  Habits like language, being hard-hearted, being recluse, being unapproachable just with my body language, not putting trust in the next man and I am sure I could list some more. I was just into Surviving.

A lot of those habits would allow me to continue to be in survival mode.  But I’m done, I have been done for almost a year.  I let my guard down and started to trust.  All these habits allow me to thrive and I see in successful people these habits to be true.  You have to believe, you have to trust, and you have to take a risk.  I sure the hell was taking a lot of risks before, but it was risks that were illegal and to see what I could get away with.  I want to take risks that either benefits me or my family to be happier, to be successful and if I fail I know I just learned a lesson, then I will get back up and try another method.

It wasn’t the end when I was surviving, so never stop trying to survive.  But when you have survived the current situation, look for the opportunity to thrive in life.  It all starts with the thinking process.  Stop thinking you need to survive when what you were surviving has passed.  Sometimes we hang on to something that makes us relive daily what we already survived and should have passed.  Today we are gonna thrive.  We are gonna step out.  And we are going to start working and accomplishing our next small goal, forget the past it is done.

What are your goals? And then think what are the goals inside those goals… Something we can reach to show a little progress.  Usually, our goals are somewhat dreams too.  Sometimes they can be too big, to make it seem unattainable.  But break them down into smaller attainable goals.  Crawl before you walk and soon you will be running.

Nature works very slow, but everything gets accomplished ~Tzu~