On December 3rd, 2015 I had a new life experience. Probably not as thrilling as most life experiences but no doubt to me an important one. When I arrived to the party, dressed to impressed, I had no idea of what the night had in store except I was going into forbidden territory and knew my own worst enemy would be present. I knew before hand it was time to face the evil bastard for what it is.
Weeks ahead of time I was warned they would be present. Jack, Jose, also the guy that wears the CROWN. The invitation was perfect it was dressed in red and white. A gift to show their appreciation for my work. And there it stood your enemy will be present, COCKTAILS AT 6pm. The dreaded, is this what it is about went through my head, I thought sure it is. It ran through my head many times do not go, do not go. As the days went on headed into the date, I kept thinking it sure has been a long time since I seen them old fellas and I would like to show them where I am today and they have no influence on my LIFE and I have ZERO tolerance for them.
The setting was perfect, an open bar, shrimp on ice, cheese and crackers to coat the belly, one sip no one knows I’m early, I am all alone..Just me and the bartender. Then bang I pull out my phone to take some pictures and there is my daughter on the background, being held by Daddy in the hospital, she was wrapped in a blanket that the nurse had given us, precious, innocent, the whole world in front of her and it hit me, this is why I am fighting, this is my LIFE and MY future, not that.
The night was a hit to say the least. An awesome salad, Fillet Mignon, some kind of chicken wrapped in a croissant roll with mushrooms and the works stuffed in it, I am sure it has a name but I don’t have it available at the time…HA!! Roasted potatoes, green beans and carrot strips. As I was Heading back home I just want to say how blessed, grateful, and awesome life is.
The 3 things I realized at the party. 1. It wasn’t as challenging as I thought it may be. 2. It wasn’t even a second thought and 3. Life is easier if we just live it instead of it living us. Meaning open bar and free drinks didn’t get my attention. It was easy to walk to the bar and order a Dr. Pepper. And I didn’t let the moment of life capture me to think I have to drink to fit in or mingle. I do just great without it and tonight your families are safe from me, I am not drunk or tipsy. I am not crossing the center line on the way back to Enid. Be Blessed!!
These are books I have read and recommend to the next person!!