This is the story of the shirt I can be seen wearing often and in old pictures from about 3 years ago. About 3 years ago I started a journey to save my life. Not just for my own ability to live but provide a better life for my child and my family.

It started after I was charged with my last DUI in March of 2013. I was in a somber state of mind not knowing which direction to go. I still stemming from the DUI drank in the dark and had no care. I would never drink on the days I had my daughter but on the many nights I didn’t have her I would still drink a case a night somewhere between 9pm and 12am and would get up and go as if nothing happened the night before.

As the week was dragging on after that DUI, I just kept thinking I need a change. I need something magical to happen. I needed Unicorns to fart Rainbows. But nothing was working, no conversation with family or friends, no prayer because I didn’t believe in what that was about. I fought against the good fight. And as the week wound down I began to believe where I needed to go was away. I decided that place was Valley Hope in Cushing, Oklahoma.

My time there was unbelievable, the people, the staff, the others in a struggle of addiction. I found GOD in my unreasonable push against HIM. That last week I also found myself going to the local Stage, which by the way is the biggest and best store in Cushing, Oklahoma, as far as I could find at that time for clothes. There in the many disarray of clothing that only a man like me could frolic in, I found this shirt, not really knowing what the tapout meant at the time, figuring it was something to do with MMA which I was not into. But the slogan said “Everyday I fight”, what better way to get up on stage and tell my story at the end of my time at Valley Hope.

And it stayed in the bag until the day I discharged and got up on that stage. I told my story, I wore the shirt with pride, and pointed it out that Every day I will fight, fight against this struggle I had, fight against the struggle I created, fight for my daughter every day, fight for my position for the future and fight against my past when needed, fight against the nay sayers, fight against the ones who want to keep my head underwater, fight against the lifeless people who like to use the past as a weapon, fight against negativity which sometimes leads to greater negative minds (that’s what happens when you try to be happy and speak honestly), fight against assholes in humanity, fight against the laws that bring society down, fight for help for others, fight the struggle in addiction for me and greater for you and our families. 

My debt is to keep the good fight going. You will see me with this worn out shirt on, especially when my daughter is around. If it ever gets to a point where it cannot be seen or read. I will find another one, it is just one of those things. Today I encourage you to fight every day. Fight for what makes you happy, whether it is against your boss or your family or a complete stranger… Be Happy Fight For Your Love Of Your Self and Figure Out What Makes You Happy!! No ONE, can do it for you and no one can control your emotions to a point of breaking. Many will try to, you can call them out on it, instead of just living with it. None of this can happen without hard hard work.. Be true to yourself and SMILE!!

If you find yourself in the struggle my suggestions is to find help where it is most comfortable, very seldom that is family or friends although that is usually the first step, you can always visit where I was at Be Good To Yourself!!