What is is that you want? What do you want from me? What do you want from life?  What I want you to do is leave me alone.

There are so many what’s in life, so what are you going to do about it?  Nothing, unless you start today.  Stop making excuses for what to do next.  You know what, I don’t.  So let us start by taking a baby step.  That what is, what can I do today that makes me better than yesterday?  That can also mean by making someone or something better around me.

So what is it that you want?  World Peace?  That starts with you first but let us not think so big.  Do you want good health, I know I do and even though I haven’t accomplished although goals or stay obedient all the time in eating.  I do quite well in that department.  As in many of my posts, I will suggest reading to improve your health the most.  Not only to help you stay healthy physically but also to keep your mind sharp.  But this question is an open question you fill in your own answer. Health, Wealth, or Plan old happiness. You can always comment or email you answer and I will reply with my own opinion or let you know I don’t have one.

So then what is it you want from me? This is a question we ask from others and usually in a facetious way.  But I will put this out there for me. So what is it give me a line of subjects to cover again email, social media, or in the comment section.  But on a personal question when we sarcastically say this, we need to make it more of a tone when you are feeling resistance to asking a real question.  This genuine of a question can lead to a greater relationship with whom you ask.  With your boss, spouse, family and friends.  There is no greater gain in a relationship then asking questions, especially in gaining control of your emotions and situations you find yourself in life.

I think most of us want in life, is the success.  Not meaning millions of dollars but millions of memories.  Memories of happiness and memories of failure.  All failures mean in life is that you learned.  Some greater than others but no one is a complete failure some have just had to learn harder than others.  I say that loosely so let us not talk about the sickening crimes we see but focus on ourselves.  Be successful it lays in your heart and your mind.  So go to the mirror and

Be successful it lays in your heart and your mind.  So go to the mirror and preach your success.  Talk it into existence so today and tomorrow you have it set in your heart.  If today you see yourself at the bottom because of your hard learning well tomorrow will only be better and you know the steps down so don’t take them.  It is harder to keep learning at the top to stay at the top.  Bottom means we have already learned the failures now it’s time to move forward.

Unfortunately, we use that last what a whole bunch.  What I want you to do is leave me alone.  Beginning to Isolate ourselves from people and some of them mean the most to us.  We refuse to ask questions so we don’t let people know that we actually don’t know.  We refuse to ask for help because the human race is so prideful.  Make a stand turn it around and ask questions.  Don’t always think you are better than anyone and never let anyone treat you like they are better than you.  When we do that we get are pride hurt and then go back into isolation.  MAKE A STAND ON THE FOR WHATS!!


I know my posts can be hard to read because they are thoughts from an untrained mind.  If you do connect it is always encouraging to hear any feed back.